Cycling on Texel

cycling on Texel

Rent a bike on Texel

Includes free breakdown service

We supply many types of bicycles from stock for everyone, also for groups. With the whole family or travel group you can enjoy the Texel cycling route network with numerous charging points. Our partner ‘Fietsen op Texel’ offers assistance and service in the event of bad luck on the way.

If you rent the bikes through our website, they will be delivered in the morning on the day of rental and collected again when the rental period has ended. You only have to make sure that the bicycles are back where they were set up for you.

Cycling routes on Texel

Texel has a great cycle route network. It allows you to determine your route and its length yourself. The network is about 170 kilometers long.

Note: You rent a bicycle for a minimum of two days and you must reserve the bicycles at least two days in advance. Does this no longer work? You can then visit a bicycle shop of ‘Fietsen op Texel’ to rent bicycles on the spot. This is based on availability and the bicycles must also be returned here. For children’s bicycles, we always recommend to rent them bicycle shop of ‘Fietsen op Texel’. This is because children can try them first. The terms and conditions of ‘Fietsen op Texel’ apply when renting bicycles.

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