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Food and drink

As residents of Texel, we have our regular places where we like to come. As a island guest, there is nothing more fun than discovering them. If you want a little inspiration, we have our tips here


De Smulpot

Something for everyone / Center of Den Burg

If there is one place on Texel where the food is always delicious, it is at De Smulpot in Den Burg. Lisanne’s favorite is the cheesecake. We often come here for a drink or a nice meal with the two of us. Another tip is the ‘Barhap’. From Monday to Thursday evening there are two dishes to choose from for a very friendly price. Also check out the website for more information.

Binnenburg 5, Den Burg


Brasserie Beers

Something for everyone / culinary recommendation

Another favorite of Coen and Lisanne! We thoroughly enjoy the appetizer Belly bacon here, you will never eat it this good anywhere else. It’s a nice place to dine. The nice thing is that Coen has also helped this company with the house styles and provides the printed matter. Nice to pay attention to when you visit them.

Note: As a guest of ours you will receive a 5% discount on the voucher at Brasserie Beers. On arrival you will receive an exclusive discount coupon from us.

Grensweg 386, Den Burg



Evening out / culinary recommendation

Enjoy a good glass of wine and good food. It is possible at Oudeland in De Koog. Craft, sustainability and where possible organic: these are the characteristics of this Wine bar-Restaurant-Traiteur and that is what they stand for. You can taste that on the plate and in the glass.

Dorpsstraat 175, De Koog


Beach pavilion Paal9

On the beach

This is Lisanne’s favorite place to go when the sun is out and it’s summer, but the beach pavilions are also worth a visit in the winter months with the beautiful sky and rough water. In the summer nice on the terrace and in the winter nice and warm by the fireplace.

Hoornderslag 8, Den Hoorn


The Juice Car

Something for everyone

Are you looking for a breakfast, lunch or snack that is not only tasty but also super healthy? Then you’ve come to the right place at The Juice car! In a cozy building in the center of Den Burg, Meghan and Jordie provide the most delicious healthy baked goods. Fresh, full of vitamins and tasty, that’s what you’ll find at The Juice Car.

Weverstraat 73-A, Den Burg


De Company

At the harbor

The lovely spot on the water, especially on a summer day. It is a perfect place to have lunch, drinks or dinner. This restaurant is located in the harbor of Oudeschild. Forget the time and enjoy. There is also an outdoor playground for children, which is clearly visible to the parents from the terrace. There is so much to experience on this playground that you will most likely have difficulty keeping the children at the table… In short, a very nice location for young and old.

Restaurant Gusta

Culinary recommendation / around the corner

If you’re going for a high-quality culinary experience, restaurant Gusta is highly recommended. They work with many genuine Texel and seasonal products. The restaurant is located in the beautiful Boutique Hotel Texel and is guaranteed to be a great experience for a night out. This is an evening to remember in 10 years!


‘T pakhuus

Culinary recommendation / on the harbor

A high-quality culinary surprise awaits you at T’Pakhuus in Oudeschild. Especially if you like or want to try fish dishes, an absolute must.



Culinary recommendation

Restaurant BOSQ is located in a unique location on Texel, on the edge of National Park “De Duinen van Texel”, between the villages of Den Burg, De Koog and Den Hoorn. In a stylish ambiance you can enjoy the local Texel cuisine in combination with worldly flavors and a touch of temperament.

Good food with your feet in the sand and beautiful evening sun


Beach pavilion Paal 33 Kaap Noord

Kaap Noord is the place to settle down on the terrace after a long walk on the beach and enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink. The beach pavilion is still really authentic and without fuss. Kaap Noord is located next to the jetty from where the boat departs to Vlieland.

Perseverance 4, De Cocksdorp


Beach pavilion TWLF

This is one of Lisanne’s favorites to go when the sun is shining and it’s summer! it is a place to relax, they have no range and certainly no wifi! But let’s be honest, sometimes that’s just wonderful.

You can enjoy healthy soft drinks and delicious healthy snacks here.

Jan Ayeslag 2, Den Hoorn


Beach pavilion Paal 17

Coen and Lisanne meet here regularly, for example to have dinner during the setting sun. This is the place to watch the sunset. At Paal 17 they have a delicious lunch and dinner menu.

Ruijslaan 94-98, De Koog

Food and drink with play area for the little hustlers


Farm restaurant Catharinahoeve

The restaurant is a family business and therefore knows how to enjoy families like no other. Young and old have been thought of. The menu offers a choice of classic dishes, Texel specialties and pancakes. There are special dishes for the kids and there is more than enough space to play.


Restaurant Vogelhuis Oranjerie

Lisanne came here as a child and we came back every year! It is a place that is fun for both the kids and the parents. There is a spacious outdoor playground for the kids where they can enjoy themselves before and after dinner.


Ice farm Labora

The place where Coen and Lisanne both used to eat a lot of ice cream! This mega fun place, which is close to Hoeve Vianen, is an ideal place for children to play and enjoy delicious ice cream. The ice is actually made from their own cow’s milk. There are deers and you can jump on a big bouncy castle. You can also take a look at the cow stable. When you’re done playing, just ask your parents for another ice cream!

De Slufter Texel

Café-Restaurant ‘De Slufter’

Nearby – Café-Restaurant ‘De Slufter’ is located at the beginning of the Slufterweg, the same road on which our farm is located. This restaurant is a place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch after a walk in the beautiful nature reserve of the same name or where you can enjoy a delicious meal in the evening.

Café-restaurant ‘De Slufter’ is also a great place for the children, as the restaurant has a nice playground.

Slufterweg 1, De Cocksdorp

Luxurious picnic on Texel

On the beach, at a beach house or in the forest

Texel has a lot to offer, including great places in nature. Texel has many hidden spots that you cannot easily find yourself. As a true islander, Sophie is always looking for the most beautiful places and is happy to share them with you for a unique Texel experience. Picnicken op Texel’s picnics are fully decorated and customised. Super fun to do with your partner or a few good friends.


Picnic on Texel


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